Volume 1

Issue 1 July 2017

A Detailed Study on Deduplication in Cloud Computing


DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v1.i1.2017.1-5

A Method for Discount with Maximum Profits in Fuzzy Environment Sense

N. Nalini, Dr.E.Chandrasekaran

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v1.i1.2017.6-17

An Analysis on Finger Print Identification for Gender Classification Using Various Methods

Dr. Kusum Yadav

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v1.i1.2017.18-22

Reducing DDOS Attack Techniques in Cloud Computing Network Technology


DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v1.i1.2017.23-29

Assessment on Security Issues and Classification in Cloud Computing


DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v1.i1.2017.30-43

Impact Factor : 4.301

Impact Factor 2017 4.353


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