Volume 1

Issue 3 September 2017

Quotient Labeling of Corona of Ladder Graphs

Dr.P. Sumathi, A. Rathi, A. Mahalakshmi

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v1.i3.2017.80-85

Collaborative Mind Mapping Test Case Trasability Matrix Techniques

K. Rajasekaran, T.K.Nithyarao

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v1.i3.2017.86-92

Mod(k) Vertex Magic Labeling in Generalized 2-complement of some Graphs- Paper II

P.Sumathi, B.Fathima

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v1.i3.2017.93-101

Combination of adaptive median filter with ACO for eliminating the impulsive noise from colour images

Rahul Malhi, P.S. Maan

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v1.i3.2017.102-105

Impact Factor : 4.301

Impact Factor 2017 4.353


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