Volume 2

Issue 12 June 2019

Indiа’s Swаchh Bhаrаt Mission: А review of its Mаjor Initiаtives аnd Implementаtion Outcomes

Revаthi CS, Rosy Mаthews, Dr. Vishwаnаthаn PK

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v2.i12.2019, 376-385 , June 2019

A review: Analysis of fractional order chaotic systems

Niyojeet Shrirao, Alpana Pandey and Ramji Gupta

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v2.i12.2019, 386-393 , June 2019

Design and Analysis of Ring Resonator Based Optical Delay Line

Tejaswini B R, Dr.Chandrika T N

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v2.i12.2019, 394-397 , June 2019

An Automatic Colour Sensor based Urine Analysis Device to Detect CKD for Mass Screening Application

Nikhil Thomas, Sachin Katti, Sumir R M, Lakshmi Priyanka, Pratiksha Umesh

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v2.i12.2019, 398-401 , June 2019

Analysis of Optofluidic Ring-Resonator for Bio-sensing Application

SuhasKamuni, Anishka Divakaran, Adarsh M M, Swekrithi Shetty, Shwetha MSai

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v2.i12.2019, 408-411 , June 2019

Impact Factor : 4.301

Impact Factor 2017 4.353


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