Volume 4

Issue 3 September 2020

Homomorphic Encryption for Solving Security Issues in Cloud Computing

Rachna Jain, Meenu Gupta, Akash Gupta

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v4.i3.2020.638-643

CNN Based Analysis of COVID-19 Using Chest X-Ray Images

Soham Taneja, Dr. Meenu Gupta, Dr. Rachna Jain

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v4.i3.2020.644-651

Algorithm Based Tool to Determine First Distant Recurrence Pattern in Breast Cancer Patients after Curative Surgery

Varshinee Velayudha, Anagha Vasista, K Tejasri, Dr. Madhura Gangaiah

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v4.i3.2020.652-658

Airborne Internet - A Step towards Technological Inclusion

Lakshmi F Savanoor, Dr. H.S Guruprasad

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v4.i3.2020.659-663

Machine Learning Based Solution for Detecting Malware Android Applications

A.S.Sharan, Dr. K.R.Radhika

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v4.i3.2020.664-668

KYC Optimization using Blockchain Smart Contract Technology

Ashok Kumar Yadav, Ramendra Kumar Bajpa

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v4.i3.2020.669-674

Machine Learning Based Trust Routing for Clustered IoT devices

Aishwarya Kurle, Dr K.R.Radhika

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v4.i3.2020.675-680

Packet Hiding Techniques for Jamming Attacks

V .Divya, Dr.K.R.Radhika

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v4.i3.2020.681-685

Used Car Price Prediction using K-Nearest Neighbor Based Model

K.Samruddhi, Dr. R.Ashok Kumar

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v4.i3.2020.686-68

Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning Based Ensemble Model for Food Reviews

H.S.Priyanka, Dr. R.Ashok Kumar

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v4.i3.2020.690-694

Smart Duster-An Automatic Board Cleaning Device

Hithashree C, Bharath M K, Harshith, Ila Mohan, Dr Rashmi S

DOI: 10.29027/IJIRASE.v4.i3.2020.695-698

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Impact Factor 2017 4.353


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